Monday, 1 October 2018

Something Anything #LifeThisWeek

Greetings earthlings. It is I, the one and only Ness of Nessville, back to thrill you with the monumental happenings of my grand existence.

For instance, today's highlight involved cleaning out the fridge. This is a phenomenon known as 'living the dream'.

In other news, I also made some beds, folded laundry, patted my dog and cooked fried rice. (Auto correct wanted me to say I cooked friends, but I can assure you I've never done that).

Anyway, as you can imagine, I certainly needed a lie down after all this, to recover from all the excitement. Especially considering that for much of the past week I have resembled what can only be described as a human slug.

A snotty, sniffling, sneezing, snivelling, sooky human slug. This is what happens when your offspring decide to generously share their germs. Rude.

I endured unimaginable suffering for DAYS. Gallons of water were consumed. Copious piles of tissues were disposed of as plaintive piano music moped piteously in the background. Well, it should have been anyway. Sniff.

I mean, I was most certainly DYING from this hideous Man Cold. If I got it from my boys that makes it a Man Cold and therefore dire and tragic. In desperation I turned to my faithful husband, the marvellous Mickey Blue Eyes.

"Can you please get me some Sudafed or Cold Eze tablets?" I implored. Dutifully he set off, traipsing to the chemist on foot. He's one of these people who walk a lot, not a sloth creature like yours truly. Ahem.

He left me languishing in my sluggish state. Some time later I heard a loud clap of thunder. Oh dear, I thought, hoping he wasn't caught in a downpour. Or worse still, struck by lighting. The sky lit up at that precise minute and I shuddered fearfully.

I am prone to catastrophising. Oops. Minutes later I heard the gate clatter and a breathless Mickey Blue Eyes arrived, wet but triumphant. I had my drugs. I fell upon them as if they were cake, my preferred drug.

I am now slightly less slug like. And let me just add that this is what true love looks like, people. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Things have been a tiny bit gloomy to be honest. In a sad turn of events, a friend of Mickey Blue Eyes passed away unexpectedly, two weeks ago, leaving him despondent and adding to a general malaise.

Meanwhile, school holidays arrived in all their glory. This means that three ravenous boys demand food incessantly from the minute they awake until they again succumb to slumber. On the plus side, Mr 17 is keen to cook pancakes quite frequently. Winning.

In the midst of my man cold, I made myself some restorative soup, and I think we can all agree this is fascinating information.

Unfortunately, I missed a planned excursion to the city with my TAFE class. ( TAFE stands for Technical And Further Education for any non Australians playing along). Can't remember if I have mentioned the course, but yes I am doing this for two days a week until December. Then if all goes to plan I will proceed to study for a Library Diploma thingy via TAFE digital.

Meanwhile, I've applied for several jobs, getting a politely worded rejection email from one and crickets chirping from the rest. Is that a thing now? You don't hear anything unless you progress to interview? Oh well. It's all a learning process. I'll get there.

What does this week hold? Some boring appointments and shopping. Then next week I am catching up with some girlfriends for lunch. Looking forward to it! With the added bonus that I should be completely germ free by then. Yippee!

And that is all I have to report. We are perpetual plodders. So until next time I'll be over here plodding along. 

As Mickey Blue Eyes would say, take it easy and I'll catch up with you later. Adios.

What's happening in your world? 


  1. Well I'm lucky enough to be jetting off somewhere but I am older than you so you have that to look forward to. In the meantime, if you are at a loose end you could always come and clean out my fridge for some excitment LOL :) Enjoy lunch with the girls next week.

  2. School holidays here too now so I know what you mean about being eaten out of house and home! I hope you're feeling better and enjoy the lunch date next week!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. Poor you! Sniffling isn't fun. I had a bout of the Man Cold too - this time it was really my Man who was suffering and I was suffering because he was suffering. But I can understand how school holidays can be ....luckily they do have an end!

  4. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Didn't know you were studying...yay for that! Hope October is awesome for you :)

  5. A great tale and well worth reading��! Hope you feel better soon. #lifethisweek
    Deb from

  6. I hate being sick at this time of year. It's warm, it's cold, it's pollen in my chest. Ugh.
    We've just started holidays here

  7. You make me laugh out loud. Which is sad sometimes given the content isn't always LOL appropriate - but I love how you write. Keep smiling and don't lose that humour! Get well soon. Man Flu can be vicious.

  8. Sounds about as riveting as my last blog post (A Sentence A Day for September) - without the cold ;-) . Yet you still manage to entertain!

  9. Hahaha, you're funny. I lead a similarly glamorous life. I also seem to have a full-time job keeping up food to humans in my house, and ferrying them to and from social arrangements which do not involve me. We were all struck down with Man Flu - Mr 17 started it - and it progressed to pneumonia and sinus with me, ending with nausea and a middle ear thingy which had me throwing up at random times, including whilst talking to people and driving the car. Mr 17 thought it was gross, but not gross enough to stop him from asking me to drive him and his girlfriend to bowling, my trusty bowl beside me. He seems to have made a miraculous recovery in time for the school holidays.

  10. I am so pleased you are continuing with TAFE and even more for getting into that course next will! Have any of the places indicated you could be an 'intern' or do 'work experience' ...may be worth a try. I am giving a class in mindful colouring at the local library in 2 weeks and so far I have O enrolments...and it took the library system up here (many libraries in the Central Coast) two months to decide it could go ahead. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week's optional prompt is Best Friend Stories. Denyse.