Monday, 4 June 2018

What I Will Never See Again

I wasn't really sure where to go with this prompt. So here's a random list. You're very welcome.

What I Will Never See Again:

  • An empty laundry basket. 
  • A clean clutter free kitchen.
  • A clean clutter free HOUSE.
  • My waist. I think I had one once upon a time. 
  • My teens. (Phew)
  • My twenties. I vaguely remember them. They came and went during 1991 - 2000. A time period affectionately referred to as the olden days by my boys. 
Me in my 20s. No 
one wants to see 
that again. 

  • My thirties. They flitted away quickly, taking my waist with them. See above. Rude.
  • Any "reality" shows; such as Married At First Sight or The Batchelorette. Somehow I got sucked into watching bits and pieces. Never again. Well, I'll probably see the ads. And that is more than enough, thanks very much. 
  • An Adam Sandler film. Enough said.
  •  Ditto for Woody Allen films. Can't stand him. Never could, even before the molestation allegations from Dylan Farrow. Weird. 
  • A new Carpenters album. This will be my lifelong sorrow. Sobs.

  • A Carpenters concert. In fact, I never saw one in the first place, because I was only a year old in 1972 when they performed in Sydney. The black and white footage of this concert is available for viewing on YouTube and I've watched it many times, but details. 
  • My babies. They are growing up fast. Mostly I'm happy and relieved about this, but sometimes, just sometimes, I'd love to be able to briefly go back in time for a cuddle. 4am feeds, and colic and poonami's (totally a thing - don't ask if you're not a parent), on the other hand... Glad I'll never see those again.
  • The runway as the plane soars off... Or will I? I guess you never know. Fingers, arms, legs, eyeballs crossed. 
  • Not much of anything if I have to keep my eyeballs crossed for ages...
  •  A Tom Cruise film, a Mel Gibson film. A Kevin Costner film... OK, I could be here all day. Why are there so many unappealing actors? I guess it's just me. 
  • My original hair colour. It was an exquisite shade of glorious titian. Also known as Ranga red. The former sounds better. Sniff. But I'm rocking the silver fox thing, so all good.
  • Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever see another blog post, given how inane my musings are. Eh, who cares. I'll be back. I can't help myself. 

End of list. 

What about you?

What will you never see again?


  1. Haha I never get tired of your posts Ness...they always make me laugh! I'm sad I'll never see Linkin Park perform live again or hear Chester sing again. I'm sure there are other things too but that's the first that came to mind.

  2. I often wonder if I'll ever see my waist again...or my toes. My boobs get to see my waist, but I don't. Too much information?

  3. Oh how I smiled and nodded reading your post. Never stop posting please. Love your work. My husband told me recently that he believes Karen Carpenter's voice is the purest he has ever heard. He knows stuff like this. I do not but knew you might like to hear. He was listening to her sing Ave Maria.
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 23/52.
    Next Week’s Optional Prompt: 24/52. The M-Z of Me. 11/6/18.
    Denyse x

  4. Haha, I LOVE you in your twenties! What a rock star look. And I hope you'll be back, genuine voices can be hard to find online, stay. ;)

  5. We love your inane ramblings xxx