Monday, 7 May 2018

The A - L Of Me

A is for Autistic.  I was diagnosed with ASD (formerly called Aspergers) at age 40. Also, I'm pretty awesome. Amazing, astounding, and everything. Okay, I'm fairly average, but the other a words sounded more impressive. Sniff.

B is for bookworm. I am one. I should probably mention my boys, too. They're the Best. 

C is for cakies, chocolate and Carpenters music. These are a few of my favourite things! As opposed to girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Not that I have anything against the latter. I just prefer the former.

D is for dogs. I'd call myself a dog person. I'm also a chronic daydreamer. And utterly delusional delightful. Let's not forget about that.

E is for enigmatic. I am a puzzle even to myself. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. Or a middle-aged woman, wrapped in a dressing gown, inside a ramshackle suburban house. Details.

F is for FOOD. I love it. I'm also extremely forgetful. But I never forget to eat, so that's something.  Also, I am FABULOUS.

G is for groovy. Clearly I am. Totally hip and cool and cutting edge.  Also; GORGEOUS. And; grey. I let my hair go grey and I love it. Silver foxes FTW!

H is for hermit. I fear I am becoming one.

I is for introvert. See above.

J is for January. The month I was born in. During?

K is for Karen. Carpenter, of course. My idol. No explanation necessary. You either get it, or you don't. And if you don't, I can't help you. I mean, we can't all have exquisite taste, can we?

L is for the library. The only place I go to these days. See above. Plus, I once pretended to work in them decades ago.

L is also for Lafferty. It used to my name before I was married. This is frightfully fascinating information, I think you will find.

L is also the last letter for now.  Lovely.

Stay tuned for The M - Z of Me. Coming soon!

What is your A-L?


  1. I very much look forward to the second instalment of this. Forgetting to eat is one thing I never do either...I do, however, forget what I it is that I shouldn't be eating - without any trouble at all.

  2. So many good things begin with 'C' - how could I have overlooked The Carpenters?

    SSG xxx

    1. Unforgivable. Just kidding. But seriously, how could you?! 😂

  3. Look forward to reading the M to Z of you, Ness.

  4. I would have been so disappointed if C was not for Cake. Well played. As for your A and B, I agree, you are awesome and amazing. And last weekend when I was dragged to a club, I got told off by the bouncer for sitting on a couch reading a blog on my phone. So I'm with you, solidarity sista!

    1. Bahahaha. That's hilarious...😂😂

  5. Oh how I look forward to what Ness says next! You did not disappoint.

    Last week, I won a prize...from a random winner thingy of 650+ FB people...and the prize is $250 worth of C A K E S from my fave place in Gosford. Sorry Ness, I can't share them...distance and all that but how about it! Gotta love a win for me like that! Even the owner said she was happy for me knowing cakes are something I can eat.
    #lifethisweek 19/52. Next week's optional prompt is #shareyoursnaps4. Denyse

  6. Best prize EVER! Well, that plus a billion dollars... 👍😆