Monday, 19 March 2018

From My Window

From my window, what can be seen?
Freshly mowed lawns, a blanket of green.
Billowy branches of myriad trees
Lazily loll in a summery breeze

Suburban houses stand in a row
Windows like eyes, what do they know?
A car whizzes past to the end of the street
Birds flutter by with a chirrupy tweet

Telegraph poles against a cloudless blue sky
A man on his Iphone slowly shuffles by
Shade from a tree falls across the road
A van is parked, neighbours empty a load

Summer lingers, the sun fierce and intense
No one is keen to chat at the fence
I keep to myself, I like staying inside
Watching, wondering, weary yet wired

The road is now searing in the midday sun
Doors and blinds close, air conditioners hum
A grey car appears, a curious cube shape
I stand at the window to goggle and gape

A haughty cat defies the sultry heat
To silently slink along the quiet street
Tail arched she stops to choose
A shady spot where she can snooze

Visitors pull up and walk into next door
You rarely see children outside anymore
Our road curves around like a horse shoe
Some homes are old, others brand new

The gate is shut next door at number nine
Across the road there's a for sale sign
The people in these houses I hardly know
What do they do? Where do they go?

I stare out the window and wistfully wonder
If it will rain, bringing lightning and thunder
No, it won't, I think this out loud
The sun is too bright, I don't see a cloud

Yet there's the promise of a violent storm
It's autumn now, and the weather's too warm
Everything is brightness, mission green and baby blue
Bushes, branches, leaves becoming a rusty gold hue

I reflect upon this mundane suburban scene
Where things aren't always what they seem
There are stories out there, of this I am certain
One more glance then I slowly close the curtain.

What do you see from your window? 


  1. You are so clever to be able to write poetry Ness. I remember growing up we all knew our neighbours even in other streets as we walked to school. Now I only know one neighbour and we rarely see anyone, unless they are strangers who are walking to the bus stop. It is a shame but that is life now. Have a great day and again I thoroughly enjoyed the poem.

  2. This was lovely. You've painted a wonderful picture of what';s just outside of your window.

  3. What beautiful words, thank you. Loved reading this today.

    SSG xxx

  4. Wow - I loved reading this. Very descriptive, I felt I was there with you!

  5. My goodness me, Ness! This was superb and I 'saw' all that you wrote about. What a gift you have! Thank you for linking up for #ltw 12/52. Next week's optional prompt (& marking 1/4 of way through 2018!) is "origin of my name'. Denyse x

  6. I loved this Ness! Beautifully descriptive, great rhythm and rhyme and always makes me smile!

  7. What I see out my window is a lot less interesting than what you can see. I spend too much time staring at a computer screen!