Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Favourite Weather

Hello again!  Here I am, back to thrill you with the most scintillating topic:

The weather! 

Specifically, my favourite weather. All I know is, it certainly isn't 47 degrees celcius (or 116.6 fahrenheit, according to an internet converter)!!! Yuck!

This temperature happened here a few weeks ago when NSW officially became the hottest place on Earth.  Yeah, screw that.  That shit is only for satan. Whew. Not fun. Not fun AT ALL. I'd quite like to keep my face attached to my skull, instead of it melting off, thanks very much. Not keen on death by drowning in my own sweat either. 

Image crhttp://www.nedmartin.org/v3/amused/in-gods-kitchenedit: 

Although, I don't really enjoy extreme cold either. I'm an in-between kind of girl.

When it comes to weather, I am Goldilocks. I like it 'just right'!

And since we're talking about Goldilocks, what was her problem anyway? Sneaking into the three bears house and eating their porridge? Who does that? Not cool, Goldilocks!

I know what you're thinking. Calm down, Ness. She was just a character in fairytale and she was lost and hungry or something. Besides, bears don't actually have houses, nor eat porridge. Get a life.

Um. OK. Good point.

So yeah. Weather.

This heat bullshit is exactly that. Utter unmitigated bullshit. We even had a thunderstorm that was more like a mini cyclone! I quite like the odd thunderstorm, but that bordered on scary.

These last few days have been blissfully cooler. On Sunday,  we took a day trip up to the Central Coast to visit friends, and yesterday I celebrated my birthday with a buffet lunch. It must have the been the first birthday in my now 47 years that it hasn't been a scorcher. 

However, the temperatures are set to soar again by the end of the week. Apparently, anyway. Save me! Oh well, no point in complaining about things you can't control. But that doesn't stop me. Ahem. 

So, like Goldilocks. I will find the place where it's just right. And by just right, I mean air-conditioned. And I'll remind myself that Autumn is on it's way. Yay! 

What about you?

What's your favourite weather? 



  1. Oh when those temps happened in NSW, I was glad to be far far away from it. Meeeelting. I can totally understand enjoying a more moderate temperature. Like, ANY OTHER temperature. Haha.

  2. Air Con is our friend. I could not 'survive' long without it these days! I may not have mentioned by our son was born on 15 Jan as was his nephew 22 years later. BOTH days of BIRTH were shockers outside. My grandson's though was worse. He was born at the San in 2001 as Sydney suffered one helluva Monday 15 Jan with HEAT and then later that evening BIG storms raged in. I was at the hospital to see him born (chickened out so saw him at 2 mins instead) and the winds and rain brought down powerlines and trees all over Sydney. I couldnt get onto my hub at home as he was caring for the little girls - unbeknown to me the black out was there too - and I drove back home in complete darkness with no streetlights or traffic lights! Some storm. Back to our son's birthday parties - always HOT and always with lots of kids at our house. Yep that 15 Jan sure is special!! Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 3/52. Next week's optional prompt is "What Is Kindness?"

  3. Ness I'm a big fan of bearable weather which is why late autumn early spring are my faves, living here in Brissie. We were in Canberra during that heatwave (39 degrees - yikes!) but have to say it was a lot more bearable that Brisbane, because there wasn't the humidity.