Monday, 11 December 2017

Today I Will...

Today I will wake up in the morning bursting to pee with enthusiasm.

Then I will go for a lovely refreshing walk. To the kitchen. Specifically, the fridge.

Today I will hug my boys. Well, Mr 9 at least, because he's the only one who lets me these days.

Today I will breathe and be thankful and all that hippy drippy positivity stuff. When I'm not being grumpy or bored or irritable or anxious... Who me? Nah, never.

I expect I will have a cup of tea. Actually, several. Hence the bursting thing... See above.

It's highly likely that I will stare vacantly into space at some point.

Furthermore, I am quite certain that I will walk into a room and forget exactly why I did so.

I will eat healthy food and nourish my body. Unless there is cake, because let's be honest, I'll shovel that shit in.

I might go shopping. Well, I will be in the shops. I may not do much actual shopping because apparently they expect you to pay for things which I find quite rude.

I will reluctantly lovingly prepare food and feed my family. Well, they'll eat something at some point anyway, even if it's cereal.

Today I will be purposeful and proactive instead of meandering and reactive. Snorts. Strike that. Reverse it.

Today I will jot my lovely list in my bullshit bullet journal and cross off ALL THE THINGS. OK, some of the things. Shut up.

Today I will laugh at the absurdity of everything. Because seriously, what else can you do?

Today I will read memes on the internet and share them.  Because I enjoy wasting my life on such frivolities.

Today I will try not to compare myself to others. After all, I'm awesome. Well, flawsome at least. Sniff.

Today I will wear my comfy shoes. And no bra because comfy and bra in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

Today I will type this sentence. Done. 

I will wash a mountain of dishes. That's always fun. Said no one ever.

No wait, I'm supposed to be MINDFUL while I do so. Okey dokey. I will mindfully wash a mountain of dishes. Nope. Still not fun.

I will tell my monkey mind 'NOT NOW' when it tries to trick me with its taunts.

Today I will read some words and write some words. I will probably only utter one or two words however, because that's just how I roll.

Today I will do lots of housework because I'm a dedicated and diligent housewife. And also we're expecting visitors so I kinda have no choice. Details. 

Today I will scratch my ears because they're always so damn itchy. Why are they always itchy? 

Today I will ponder upon the fact that in one month and four days I will be 47 years old and I'm so glad to be getting older and that I don't have to start chemo two days before my birthday like I did in 2016. 

Today I will pick up random crap as I go about my housework (see above) and become baffled about what it is, where it came from and what the hell are we living like. Just me? 

I will pause for a cup of coffee mid morning. Because I like to mix it up from all the cups of tea. 

Today I will focus on just today instead of thinking about tomorrow or pondering on yesterday. Until I get into bed and brain doesn't want to oblige. Silly brain. 

Today I will type an ending to this blog post. Otherwise I'll still be here rambling on tomorrow and nobody wants that. 

OK. Done.

What about you?

What will you do today? 



  1. Laughing and hugging I love those best of all! Have a brilliant day x
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  2. I loved this. I dropped in and read it while I was thinking about how to reply to a work email without losing my temper & you made me laugh. So that's another tick in the box for you today.

  3. Loved reading about everything that you're going to be doing today, Ness. Most of all, I'm glad that you'll be having a chemo free Christmas.

    SSG xxx

  4. Today I worked from home and crawled back into bed the second I was done for the day. That was the highlight actually - I got to nap!

  5. Lol...I love your posts! Hope you did most of these today. And the memes you share do make me smile most of the time! :D

  6. Your Today sounds much more interesting than mine was! So much happening and yet so much fun too.

  7. Love the insight into your brain! LOL. Hugs and laughter in this post. Oh .... and bursting to pee!! ROFL

  8. Who said that you can't lovingly prepare cereal for dinner? Hehe, at least you're not leaving them to their own devices! I bought a "healthy" lunch but there is cake on the counter right now. I'm going to take your lead and shovel it in quick smart!

  9. But you do rambling so well! Always entertaining x

  10. Oh I am always going to another room and not remembering why and also forgetting mid-sentence what the heck I wanted to say. Keep up the cakies, love! I too am SO glad you are not facing chemo. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek48/52. Next week is the last link up and prompt for 2017 - Christmas Plans