Friday, 2 June 2017

Ten Reasons I Love Tea

Greetings, Earthlings.  How are we all? Well? Happy it's Friday? Bursting with enthusiasm and joy? All of the above? Nice. I'm not. Sniff. 

Nah, I'm good. Just have a pesky old headache, that's all. Nothing a good cup of coffee and some ibuprofen won't fix. Which segues neatly into today's topic:


I know. I said coffee before, but I like to surprise you with twists and unexpected turns. Since my head is pounding, I'm taking the easy option with the lovely old list-post. Why not? 

Here are ten reasons I love tea:

1. Tea warms me up on a cold winter's day. 
2. Tea never talks. I can sip it in blissful silence. 
3. Tea comes in convenient bags, with or without strings. 

4. Tea is one of the simple pleasures in life which is supposedly good for you, due to its antioxidants or something. I'm far to lazy and headachey to do the proper research. Shut up. 
5. You can drink it in lovely, pretty, dainty cups with saucers and pretend you're a character on Downton Abbey. Just me? 
6. Tea is the perfect companion for CAKE. Unless you prefer coffee. That works, too. 
7. You can have it in a pot or a cup. There is something so comforting about pouring it from the pot into those dainty cups. See above. This time you can pretend you're one of the servants on Downton Abbey, fantasising about spilling the scalding liquid on snooty Lady Mary's frightfully expensive gown. Again, just me? 

8. Cup of tea + good book + rainy day = Perfection, with a capital P. It's the simple things in life, people. 
9. Tea fixes everything. Have you ever noticed how in the middle of a crisis or something emotionally draining, the first thing people do is pop the kettle on for a refreshing brew? Or is that just in those historical saga type novels I read from time to time...? 
10. Tea provides the illusion that I'm much less socially awkward than I am. I'll take my small talk with tea, thanks. At least that way, when I can't think of anything to say, I can sip away. Luckily, I am not prone to spilling hot drinks or this theory could go awry quite easily...

And there you have it.  The ten reasons I love tea. Oh, and I do like the taste of it. That helps, too!

What about you? 

Are you a coffee or tea person? 


  1. At one time, I was all about tea. But about 10 years ago, that changed. I drink some tea in the summer (iced) and chai in the winter (hot) but, year round, I drink more coffee.

  2. I love my tea too. Except it never tastes any good at a cafe or restaurant - plus I resent paying $4.50 or whatever for a cup of hot water and a tea bag ...

  3. I agree tea fixes everything but I do think coffee goes better with cake! :D Thanks for joining in! :)

  4. Hello fellow tea person! :D Oh I can so connect with all your ten reasons! No.8 is so right! It turns out there are more tea lovers out there than I thought.

  5. Tea is so spesh! Always love the turn of the season for those pretty cups and aromas. My dad was from Manchester and I grew up with tea drinking. X

  6. I don't drink coffee - never liked the smell or taste of it. I do drink tea now, but only in winter and only if I make it and it has to be green tea with honey. It might just be to justify funky travel mugs.

  7. Tea is awesome for all the reasons listed. Plus, I secretly like the fact I don't follow the crowd and worship at the altar of coffee. I feel more classy as a tea sipper!