Monday, 6 March 2017

Must Watch TV

Howdy folks! I am back to talk about must watch TV. 

This time last year my must watch TV was the entire five seasons of Downton Abbey.  You can't really do much when you are being poisoned having chemo, so that was it for me.  

The thing is, I must be the only tragic person in the entire universe who doesn't have Netflix or Stan or Presto, or any of these new-fangled things. So my television viewing is limited to free to air. GASP. Imagine being so broke retro! 

Of late, I have found myself drawn to watching all those true crime documentary type programmes. Murder Uncovered and the like. I totally hate myself and feel icky afterwards.  But it's a bit like passing a car accident, you feel compelled to look yet horrified and ashamed of yourself...

Okay, I've never actually done that. Slowed down to gawk at an accident.... but I can't seem to help myself with these true crime shows. It's a sickness. 

Conversely, I also find myself watching reruns of As Time Goes By starring Dame Judi Dench.  This show sort of slipped by me the first time around. Probably because I was in my 20s back in the 90s and imagined it to be a tedious show about a bunch of crusty old octogenarians. Fast forward a couple of decades and I'm a nanna before my time. I'm loving it. 

Although I always did love The Golden Girls right from the beginning, so I was a nanna even then. Unnecessary details, as I like to say. 

I can't stand all these reality shows. I'd rather watch anything than I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here or My Kitchen Rules. Just the ads for these shows make me want to break out in hives. 

Actually, I lie. I have watched snippets of Married At First Sight because Mickey Blue Eyes watches it from time to time. Shhhhhhh, don't tell him I told you.

The five minutes I saw of it the other night seemed to involve people talking about each other behind each other's backs and someone insisting that a dude should 'come out of his shell'.  Cue eye rolls from me. I HATE that expression. I can't imagine why anyone would go on these shows. 

I do need to find me some good comedy shows to watch. Any suggestions? 

Also, some period drama to replace Downton.  I need this in my life. Binge watching is actually fabulous, but the only time I've done it was when I was sick and supine from chemo. What am I like?

Meanwhile, I need to move my body not indulge in more couch potato shenanigans. Perhaps I need to move my dusty old treadmill to a prime position in front of the TV?  Or get a stationary bike. Those things always hurt my ample arse. But then, I haven't used one since approximately 1984 or something, when my parents had one. My bum was small then, so the seat must have been REALLY small. 

But enough about bums. Back to TV. 

My favourite shows as a kid were I Dream Of Jeannie and Bewitched, which probably explains a lot.

I don't actually even know who a lot of actors/celebrities are these days. I'm so out of the loop with it all. Uninformed. Oblivious. Deprived. It's quite tragic, really.  Cue all the violin music. 

Maybe I should start a Get Ness Netflix fund. It's a worthwhile charity, I think.  Never mind those starving children. My binge watching is MUCH more important. 

What else can I say about must watch TV?

Oh, yes! Remember the old mini-series of the 1980s? Think The Thorn Birds or Lace.  They were always so melodramatic and you had to wait until the next evening to see the finale. 

My favourite was Anne Of Green Gables from circa 1985, starring Megan Follows and Colleen Dewhurst.  Those were the days! 

Kids today will never know the excruciating anticipation of waiting A WHOLE TWENTY FOUR HOURS for the gripping finale of a drama. They're totally spoiled with all this immediate gratification. 

Anyway, apparently I've already blathered on about my guilty TV pleasures before. It has already been confirmed that I'm an airhead who doesn't watch anything meaningful. Oh, well. Never mind.

I still have the entire five seasons of Downton. Who needs anything else? I need to watch it again to see if it's just as good when you're not poisoned. Oooohhh, I can already hear the dramatic them music! 

I love it!

Catch you later. I have some binge re-watching to do! 

What is your must watch TV? 



  1. I don't have any paid tv things either (Foxtel, Netflix,etc). I don't ever watch tv during the day. I enjoy MKR and This Is Us which is a recent tv show airing on channel ten on Wednesday nights.

    1. This Is Us looks like an interesting show. And yes, daytime TV SUCKS!

  2. I LOVED the Anne of Green Gables saga featuring Megan Follows and Jonathon Crombie. I remember trying to tape it off TV and getting upset because it didn't work. I now own it and the sequel so I can watch whenever I need a Gilbert Blythe fix...

    1. Yes! Gilbert Blythe...*swoons* So said that Johnathan Crombie died :(

  3. I am glad that Downton Abbey brought you some delightful distractions in the most unpleasant circumstances. I too used to watch As Time Goes By. We bought the series of DVDs to indulge that as we have with Downton. Love Downton and currently on the 5th re-watching of eps from Day one to the finale..each night we drip feed around 20-30 mins and it's a great escape! Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 10/52. Next week: My Favourite Colour.

    1. I love Downton and ATGB! I need to get re-watching to catch up with you!

  4. I love As Time Goes By! Come to think of it... I like or love most things Dame Judi Dench appears in. I hear a good comedy is The Rev. I'm yet to watch it, but my best friend assures me it's one of the funniest she's seen. British, 30 min episodes.

    1. Yes, Dame JD is amazing! Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out.

  5. Loving Golden Girls does not make you an old lady! It makes you an excellent human.

    1. Thank you for being a friend...(see what I did there?) LOL

  6. I don't watch TV at all. We do however attend a lot of film previews. Some better than others. The only time I feel I've missed out by not watching TV over the years is trivia night when I'm completely clueless for most of the TV related questions.

  7. I am as tragic as well my love. NO NETFLIX!! I did use it for a month free, and didn't watch a skerick!! My kids used it for the last few days we had it and I didn't continue with it, because I didn't use it.
    Oh god, I am a reality show whore!! We could not share a house at all? lol Hubby's secret is safe with me ;)
    In respect of the olden days, my life wouldn't have been the same without the influence of cop shop, the amount of sickness in wandin valley and the amazingness of Lassie and Skippy lol. I would also like to make mention of the arguements I had with my Dad over the nightly news or the total unfairness of me not being able to watch Countdown :D