Monday, 27 February 2017

Taking Stock - February Edition

Making : Cups of tea. They do not make themselves. I'm expected to pour boiling water over a teabag. HMPH. I need a lie down after that. 

Cooking : Last week I made roast lamb and vegies and a penne bolognaise pasta bake.  My children actually ate them! Excuse my excitement over such a trivial thing, but this literally never happens. 

Drinking : Tea, water, wine. In that order of priority. I know! I need to change my priorities. Wine should be first! 

Reading: Lots of different library books. 

Trawling: The library shelves. 

Wanting: More time to read all of the above books.

Looking: More like a nanna than ever. A very plump old nanna named Mavis. Maybe I should take up knitting?

Deciding:  Whether to cut my fro short or keep letting it grow. Thoughts? 

Wishing: I wasn't quite so self-absorbed. I'm not, am I?DOH. 

Enjoying: The cooler weather.

Waiting: For our hot water service to be fixed. It died a few days ago and we have no hot water. Fun times. 

Liking: The cooler weather. See: Enjoying. I even ate soup yesterday! Yes, I do need get out more...

Wondering: Where I would go to get out more... Besides the library...

Loving: Saturday sleep-ins. There are good things about having teenagers. 

Pondering: What to make for dinner. It's always about food for me. Shut up.

Listening: To the Today show blathering on about the Oscars.

Considering: What to type here. I have such a boring life I need to make something up.... Nup. Sorry. Got nothing. 

Buying: Groceries and not much else. Boring! See above. 

Watching: True Crime documentaries and reruns of As Time Goes By. Did I mention I'm boring? 

Hoping: I haven't had put you to sleep with my boring as batshit life.

Marvelling: That anyone would still be here reading this. You are? Aren't you nice! 

Cringing: At the number on the scales when I went back to the dietitian last Thursday. Oops. 

Needing: The number on the scales to go down. 

Questioning: Why weight isn't like height. It should get to the healthy range for your height and STAY THERE FOREVER. So rude! 

Smelling: This excellent stuff I bought for my fro. It's called Frizz No More. Totally excellent. Except for one TINY thing. They should have left the word 'No' out of it. Related: My fro is frizzier than ever.  

Wearing: I have a certain style at the moment. It's called 'whatever still fits'. 

Noticing: That hardly anything fits at the moment. See above. Again; OOPS. 

Knowing: I will need to buy new clothes, but I don't want to buy larger ones. Sigh. 

Thinking: I should probably think about something besides food.... Ummmmmmm...

Admiring: Mr 12 (soon to be 13) for making the transition to high school this year smoothly so far. Proud of him! 

Getting: Off my arse to exercise. No, really! I did, yesterday. Consequently I am very sore today. But I will be going back for more. 

Bookmarking: Um. Nothing. 

Disliking: The heat, the number on the scales, having no hot water, endless bills... yada, yada, yada. 

Opening: Bills! GAH.

Closing: My eyes. You know, just to rest them a bit... I don't need a nanna nap... no way... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Feeling: Tired (see above). Bored. Brilliant. Ebullient. Listless. Blah. Then brilliant again. Yep, still my moody self. Yay. 

Hearing: News on the telly. 

Celebrating: Mr 12 will be Mr 13 in a few weeks.

Pretending: I'm normal. At least, I try. Have I fooled you?

Embracing: Mr 8. He asked me for a hug this morning and said "Can we hug for five hours?" Lasted about 30 seconds. 

And there you have it. That's me 'taking stock' this fine February. 

What have you been embracing and feeling in February? Um, yeah that....??



  1. Oh... I'm single and live alone and hugs are something I occasionally crave. Or human touch I guess!!!!

    We haven't had any cooler weather here in my part of Qld yet but storms are forecast so I've got everything crossed.

    And I agree... you've got your priorities wrong. Wine should most certainly come first. Poured over cereal perhaps! ;-)

  2. I love this list. My fave entries are marvelling (you crack me up!) and admiring as I've been doing the same with my almost Mr 13. I have to say, this high school thing is far more exhausting than I anticipated!

  3. The funniest taking stock I've read in ages. Thanks for the giggle. Wine should indeed be first, & my nanna was Mavis - except she wasn't plump because she said she hadn't eaten since 1965 because she still needed to dance in gold stilettos...just saying.

  4. You always make me laugh Ness! :) Bills --- I hate those and they seem to come by way too quickly for my liking! Envy you for all the books...I have heaps but hardly any time. Have a great week!

  5. I concur. I boil the kettle, go back to the couch, the bf says "your tea's ready" and I'm all "no it isn't, there are more annoying steps to this process!". Then repeat the whole thing in 20 minutes time. Ridiculous really.
    I tried to make lamb for the first time (in the slow cooker) this morning. Epic Fail! Bought the lamb yesterday in a vacuum seal bag thingos because they don't really do lamb in the US I've noticed. I opened the bag and it was green and had the worst smell. Arrgh!

  6. If your "fro" looks like your profile pic, keep it! You look gorgeous! There aren't enough Mavis-looking women in the world anymore. We need to preserve you!

  7. Good on you for the exercise - more details on the books, if any good!

  8. You are such a dry writer. Your sense of self and humour need to be read by many more. As for the list and the dos and dont of eating/exercise..meh! Everyone has to do what they gotta do..when they feel like it. Your time has not come yet but maybe the cooler weather might help. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 9/52. Next Week: Must Watch TV.

  9. I am so over the oscars debarcle. I heard it once and that was enough, but they insist on rehashing it. God sake.
    My scales are cringing back at me I am sure. Gotta start walking....