Monday, 10 October 2016

Ten Things I Like About Me

Hello there! It's Monday and the merciful end of the school holidays!

Once again I'm joining in for Life This Week. 

Today's prompt is: 10 Things You Like About You. 

I had to think about it and I was struggling.  I eventually came up with this list:

1.I have a cute sense of humour 
2. I am honest
3. I am loyal
4. I am kind
5.I am resilient
6. I am resourceful
7. I am not at all materialistic
8. I am quiet (I've decided that being quiet can be positive because I don't gossip or have verbal diarrhoea. Written diarrhoea is my specialty, however..coughs...)
9. I am a very loving, demonstrative mother (in the end that's all that really matters)
10.I have a lovely shaped head (so everybody told me when I shaved my head because of chemo)

Observe my lovely shaped head. Be very jealous. 

Somehow even after writing this list I still wasn't convinced. Oftentimes we can't see ourselves the way others do. Or maybe that's just me... 

Anyway, I asked my Facebook friends what they liked about me.

The number one answer was my sense of humour. It's odd because I'm really not funny at all in person. Like I've said before, I'm quiet and shy. So my sense of humour is only apparent on Facebook and on this blog. But that's good enough, right? Who cares about real life? All our friends are in the computer anyway! 

So it's settled. I'm officially a comedic genius! You're laughing sarcastically hysterically right now, admit it. See? 

Looking at the list again, I sound like some one's pet dog. Loyal, kind, always thinking about food... Okay, that last point wasn't on the list. But it's true. Yep, I'm sort of like a puppy.  Cute to have around, but completely useless. You can't help but find me endearing anyway. Am I right? 

Meanwhile, having a lovely shaped head does come in handy if you ever have to have a round of chemotherapy. It's a highly underrated quality. I think people should start putting it on resumes and dating profiles. Truly. Why not?

That way people would know in advance what they were getting themselves in for. Should your partner ever get cancer or decide to become a skinhead or a hare krishna, at least they'll have a pleasing noggin. 

I mean, thank goodness I don't have a 'head like a racing tadpole', as the saying goes. 
I have no idea why the heads of racing tadpoles are so abhorrent... Oh wait... They're tadpoles. Yeah. YUCK. 

And as for being quiet. What an absolute GIFT that is. Haven't we all known some one we wish would just SHUT THE FUCK UP? 

Furthermore, it turns out that people like my writing! Who knew? It often seems like crickets are chirping over here. 

Also, the fact that I am obsessed with partial to a bit of cake was pointed out as an admirable quality. See? Cake brings people together. It's important! I always knew it. 

It's good to see people protesting about important issues.

Another positive trait was the fact that I'm thoughtful and polite to puppies. As you should be. Puppies are cute. See above. 

According to another friend my antipathy to all things domestic was something to commend. After all, she could relate! To which I say:

UNDOMESTIC GODESSES UNITE! (Except not at each others houses because we don't want to clean up). 

However, THIS comment from the wonderful Kirsty Russell over at My Home Truths was THE BEST:

Kirsty Russell I love your self-deprecation and the fact you can make the most mundane of facts, very funny and very interesting. I love your persistence and resilience too. You've slapped down cancer (both yours and your husband's), you've embraced a late diagnosis of Aspergers, you've endured loss and you are raising beautiful boys. You rock x

That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Thanks Kirsty! She's right. I DO rock. Quite literally. 

It's one of those weird (but wonderful) Aspie things. But the way I see it, it's movement. Which means exercise. So...WINNING!

In fact, as a teenager that was the only exercise I got. Rocking away in my room to Carpenters music (or ABBA or Barbra Streisand). Some people like to head bang to heavy metal. I rock to easy listening. You got a problem with that? 

This is called being resourceful. Plus, after years of going backwards and forwards to various shrinks I finally figured out that I'm Aspie myself! (And subsequently got an official diagnonsense). 

Additionally, I worked out how to create a blogger account and provide you with all the wit and wisdom I write here! You're welcome! See? SO resourceful. Or something...

So there you have it. Ten things I like about me!

But enough about me! What else do YOU like about me?!

Just kidding...

What do you like about YOU? 



  1. Best list ever. Inspiring and full of what really counts in life.

    SSG xxx

  2. Oh my goodness...this is amazing...that a little list (a very important little list) can morph into the most wonderful blog post!! Go Ness!! Loved it. You ROCK... Thanks so much for linking up AND responding to the prompt!! Are you already thinking about next week's? Which Anniversaries Are Special? D xx

    1. Thanks Denyse! And yes that's an interesting prompt...

  3. I love this list Ness! I didn't stay on topic this week, but if I did I would TOTALLY steal your #9 :-)

  4. Ha! The sense of humour most definitely.

    And you do have a nice shaped head. I know a lot of people can't carry off that look - it exposes every flaw and lump etc... I know my face is kinda fat and jowly so I even short hair is a struggle!


    1. I always thought I had a big round melon head so it was a pleasant surprise... Well, not the chemo. That was very UNpleasant... but you know what I mean!

  5. Yes yes YES to all this and more - your humour and your writing are my favourite things about you. And your head shape IS awesome! Your list is too short though, there are a million more things I could add :) x x

    1. OK, so why didn't you tell me the whole million??? HMPH.

  6. I loved this list! I've always found you funny too so it's definitely what I'd say I like best about you :)

  7. Three cheers for lovely shaped heads! It's important when one goes bald. I'm not sure how lovely mine is. I'm hoping I don't have to find out.
    Great list.
    LOL - Written diarrhoea - I think we all suffer a bit of that.

    1. I really hope you don't too.

      And at least we know how to spell diarrhoea. It's a tricky word!

  8. Written diarrhoea is the best kind. I mean, if you're going to have to pick a type at all. I am a fan of your writing, I'll join with your friends to say that you are definitely funny. I think my head would be lumpy and not lovely-shaped, I keep threatening to shave it GI Jane style, so you never know I could find out.

  9. There's probably an app for that. To see if you've got a lovely shaped head or not. There's apps for everything these days! Glad my writing makes you giggle. Thank you!

  10. What a superb list! Your head is ab fab for sure. And..... CAKE.... definitely cake. There should be more of it. Daily. x

    1. Thank you! A cakie a day sounds gooood x

  11. I love Kirsty's comments. You are amazing, with your lovely shaped head and all (You could totally body double for Tripitaka from Monkey Magic xx ). I would love to share cake with you one day.

  12. Nawww...thanks Alicia! Ditto. Let's do it. And now I have to google Tripitaka...