Monday, 3 October 2016

Daylight Savings - Like Or Loathe?

It's that time of the year again!  Today we are talking about daylight savings. So let's get on with it.

Insert witty words about daylight savings HERE.

Mystical, magical thoughts and musings. Wonderful writings the likes of which have never been read or seen before and  never will again. Impassioned prose full of meaning and purpose. Poetic, eloquent language with assurance and ease. Persuasive, decisive, distinguished debate that leaps from the page. Or the blog? 

Or, you know, just the dumb shite I normally churn out. Yeah, definitely the latter. You're welcome!

So what can I say about daylight savings? Do I love it? Or loathe it? I'm going with a third option: DGAF. 

Let me clarify that for you: Don't. Give. A. Fuck.

Look,  what I'm saying is I don't really have strong feelings about it one or the other. People seem to REALLY get their knickers in a twist about it.  

Is it just me or does it seem like the older generation are generally in the loathe category while the middle aged and youngsters don't care? 

Of course when I'm talking about the 'older generation' I mean my parents age (they're in their 70s). Related: my mother is a staunch hater of this phenomenon. She always has been. 

I did a bit of lackadaisical google about the origins of daylight savings. Yawn. I can't seem to even drum up any interest. Maybe I'm in a weird mood. Or just plain weird, period. Again, definitely the latter. 

I just don't have an issue with  daylight savings. Well, apart from remembering to put clocks forward or back. On exactly which day, and whether it's forward or back. If it wasn't for Facebook I'd probably totally forget about it. 

The argument FOR daylight savings is the fact that if you have to go to work you still have a bit of daylight left when you get home. 

It doesn't really effect me greatly which is why I really don't care one way or the other. I suppose it takes a while for my body clock to adjust and then just when I'm getting used to it, it's time to change back. This can be ever so slightly annoying. However, I just don't seem to be that worked up about it. It's just one of those things that happens every year right along with the footy grand final. And frankly I don't really give a flying fuck about either of those things. 

I do enjoy this time of year, though. I like spring, even though it doesn't particularly like me. SO rude. Related: I have hideous hay fever. ACHOO! 

I mean, I have children and I still DGAF about daylight savings. They fight me about sleeping every night anyway. Now we can just do it an hour earlier! Or later... or whatever... 

So I put the clocks forward and  just get on with my life. And with that, I find I have nothing more to say on this topic.  

Here's a few more funnies instead:

May I present to you a handy multiple choice question:

What do you think about daylight savings?

Do you a) love it, b) loathe it, or c) DGAF? 



  1. I don't have a problem with it either. There are all of those jokes about the curtains fading and something or other about cows... but surely it makes more sense to 'work' according to the sunlight than some arbitrary time - which I think means we should move the clocks forward here in Qld as well, get up earlier when the bloody sun is up so early.

  2. Oh Deb, that cows and curtains thing made me laugh. I've heard that too.
    "Is it a bird, it is a plane ..." also made me laugh. I am so using that at some point ...

  3. Bahaha. This is so good. I guess DGAF is also an option - I never thought of it like that.

  4. Well at least I got a laugh HA!! Thanks for sharing your post for the link up at life this week (and doing the prompt!) Denyse

  5. I'm not a fan for qld but I think it works for the southern states. So I guess I'm in another category - let everyone do what they want :p

  6. So true about Facey, it steals my hours so easily! It's the easiest down time I get when the kids aren't hogging my phone or the computer.
    I don't mind daylight saving, it's just part of the changing seasons. I do love that extra daylight at the end of the day. Makes a welcome change from winter when it's dark so early.