Friday, 21 October 2016

21 Random Facts About Me

1. My parents named me Vanessa after seeing Vanessa Redgrave in the movie Camelot. Almost everyone calls me Ness, except my parents and Mick who stuck with the Vanessa thing. 
2. My hair used to be straight but now it's curly because I had chemo. Sigh. 
3. My favourite drink is tea.
4. I can't wear perfume. It gives me headaches. 
5. I didn't learn to drive until I was 36. 
6. When adulting seems too hard I often fantasize about being a dog. I draw the line at becoming a Furry, though. It'd be too hot in summer. 

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7. I'm struggling to get back into exercise post breast cancer. 
8. I almost never listen to the radio.
9. I prefer showers to baths.
10. I love reading but don't understand how people can read in the bath.
11. As a child I was scared of elevators and escalators. And boats, and heights and cockroaches. And people. Nothing much has changed. Ahem. 
12. I didn't realise I was pregnant the first time until around 26 weeks (approximately six months).
13. To my right there is a tall bookcase and a smaller one. Both are filled with books. Well, I did say they were random facts. 
14. I am trying to de-clutter my home. But it's not hoarding if it's books, right? (See above). 
15. I am terrible at multi-tasking. Except when I'm blogging, Facebooking, drinking wine and eating all the food simultaneously. I SMASH that. 
16. My middle name is Faye. Which sounds like an old lady name in 2016. Totally goes with my nanna curls. Winning! 
17. I don't think I'm interesting enough to make it to 21 facts. Thinking, thinking, thinking...
18. I've never had a sister or a daughter . Never will. Interesting. (I do have two wonderful sister-in-laws). 
19. I live in the same suburb I was born in 45 years ago. 
20. I'm super untidy but I can't stand having sticky or wet hands. Weird.
21. I am currently sipping a cup of tea. See point number 3. I am NOT eating cake with it. I am very sad and wistful about this. And I'm not even skinny yet! RUDE. 

There you have it. 21 totally random facts about me. You're welcome! 

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Are there any interesting random facts about you? 


  1. These are great facts! Will your hair go straight again as it grows? I have had cancer surgically removed three times each time a primary and each time no spread or mets so no radio or chemo ...

    1. Not sure about the hair. Will have to wait and see. Sorry to hear about that,but glad it's all good x

  2. I love tea and I have a large bookcase near me too. I dont drive still and I am in my 40s!! and after reading your last fact about you, I want to head to the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea too :)

  3. Enjoyed reading 17 and 19. I too have books in every corner of my house, I too live in the same small town where I was before 43 years, I also don't drive still but I love coffee only. Happy that you survied boldly with cancer. My prayers to you for your good health, peace and happiness.

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    1. No hard feelings, just amusement. We all have room for improvement, that's for sure!

  5. You didn't realize you were pregnant until 6months! I couldn't unnotice it because of all the nausea and tiredness! I love tea. :) It's my first time here and I enjoyed reading about you. :)

    1. Yes, it's strange not to notice. Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. You are a fighter Vanessa. I like that name. But u didn't realize that you are pregnant even on ur sixth month!! That's quite something.

  7. Good to know about you. You are a fighter.

  8. Nice list there, Vanessa! Such a lovely name and you definitely are a fighter with that positive spirit around you!Its wonderful to know the person that you are, and so glad to come by your blog today :)

  9. Good to know you through this list and I also love tea :)

  10. "When adulting seems too hard I often fantasize about being a dog" So do I!

  11. Good to know you better, Ness. Your curls are certainly a survivor badge!
    About the books, you're right, they never, ever come under the 'hoarding' category.