Monday, 12 September 2016

Where do I begin?

Beginnings are HARD.

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Writing one for this post is proving to be problematic. It's Monday (a bit of the old Captain Obvious there) and the beginning of another week full of exciting things. Using exciting in the sense of rather ordinary. Additionally, another week ended in which I did not suddenly become a millionaire. RUDE. Because I was all set to begin my new life of luxury. 

And while we're on the subject of beginnings, which we are. 
Just an FYI there. Because I do tend to waffle and have a short attention span.  I can't promise I won't meander onto another subject mid paragraph...

What were we talking about again? Oh, yeah. Beginnings. 

Life began for me one balmy day on January 15th 1971. Well, I assume it was balmy. I don't actually remember. That would be pretty impressive if I could, but I can't even remember five minutes ago let alone the day I was born. However, it's a fair guess, 
considering that January is summer time in the good old land of Oz. Also known as Australia. Which is where I was born. Each birthday I do remember has always been hideously hot. 

In a surprising coincidence I was born in a hospital in the same suburb where I currently live 45 years later. Yes, I've gone far in life. Winning! 

According to my Mum I was rather reluctant to leave the cosy cocoon of her womb. She spent hours and HOURS in labour. I finally arrived at around 6 pm. Just in time for dinner. Typical. 

Throughout my life I've shown a distinct lack of interest in beginning each day. Read that as I hated getting out of bed. Mum would be calling me and trying to wake me. When I finally surfaced I was grumpy and surly. Beware anyone who committed the heinous act of glancing sideways at me. Especially my brother. 

"Muuuuuum!" I would wail "Mark's 
LOOKING at me!"

As an adult I'm still not a morning person. I never spring out of bed eager to begin my day. 

In 1976 I began kindergarten. I remember clutching a red suitcase, unimpressed by the proceedings. 

Many years later I was terrified of the new beginning called high school. Even more scared when it ended. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. Still don't. 

But I trudged off to TAFE and a couple of years later I finally began working. It was a shaky start and I never really found my footing career wise. Enter Mickey Blue Eyes and the beginning of being a wife and then a mother. 

Without a doubt the scariest beginning was my breast cancer diagnonsense. I began the most challenging ride of my life. And now it's all over and yet only just begun.The start of a 'new kind of normal'. Adjusting to life as a breast cancer survivor. Have I mentioned that that I don't really like pink?  Yes, I WILL survive. Now let's all break into a rousing chorus of the old Gloria Gaynor hit.

Hang on, I prefer The Carpenters. And this song fits in with the theme of the post. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 

I even tried to write an eloquent and deep poem about beginnings full of  my thoughts and feelings and shit. Totally nailed the shit part.

Check it out:

This poem needs to have a snappy beginning
To hook you and have you instantly grinning
Something unique, using words to entice
To make you read on, and then read it twice

So why do I sit and just stare at the screen?
How do I begin? And what do I mean?
There must be interesting words I can write
To make you a fan of this glorious site

All I have to do is simply commence
Just tap away, I don't have to make sense
Think about all the beginnings in my life
As a daughter, a sister, a friend and a wife

Even then my life had only just begun
When I was expecting son number one
The start of this thing called being a mother
Then soon I welcomed his cute baby brother

A family of two had now become four
But wait, said fate, there has to be more
Alas. our dear baby boy number three
Didn't survive, it just wasn't to be

Dismal days with housework a bore
The joyful birth of boy number four
Along the way, many shaky starts
Fears and struggles with heavy hearts

But for every beginning, there is an end
To make way for change and start again
Seasons change, days come and go
Learning to live with this constant flow

Decisions to make, life is curious
Emotions change, joyful then furious
Bored, elated, forlorn or excited
Impatient, determined, defeated, delighted
Battles fought and ultimately won
Playing The Carpenters We've Only Just Begun

Beginnings are hard, but so is the end
I fear you may never read here again
Through all our beginnings we're never alone
And that is the end of this woeful poem.

You're welcome. 

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How do you feel about beginnings? 

Which song do you think of? 


  1. Your poem is far from woeful! It's fabulous. Ha ha I felt like I was reading Dr Seuss for a minute.

  2. You write poetry!! OMG. What a winner...that is so good. Maybe reconsider you don't know what you are doing..because in my view you DO!! I remember that time in January 1971. I walked down the aisle on 23rd. It had been raining and humid as all get out on Sydney's northern beaches and when we came out of the church about 4pm it was sunny and so hot! By the way, I had a son on Jan 15 (and his nephew was also born on Jan 15) and I have never ever forgotten the weather on those days! Windy, stormy, temps over 40 and all that jazz! Each birthday party was held on really HOT days too. You 15th January kids are "hot" LOL. Thanks so much for your support of my new blog linky for the first week of Life This Week. Denyse x

    1. I always knew I was smoking HAWT. Snorts. It's my pleasure. I'll be back as often as I can. Thanks Denyse xo

  3. I love your poem - it's not woeful at all. And I had a feeling you'd include that Carpenters song in here somewhere - it really is quite apt for this prompt!

    1. Yeah I couldn't help myself. Thanks Kirsty xo

  4. So I just laughed the whole way through that post. Because you're hilarious. Not because I'm a terrible person. But then I got to the breast cancer part and that's really not funny (except the part about you not liking pink. Neither do I, by the way). And the poem was a masterpiece.

    1. I'm not sure about masterpiece but I'm glad it made you giggle. Oh okay if you insist. Total MASTERPIECE lol


    2. That's better! I'll put you in or this year's Poet Laurette ;)

    3. My Mum's been right all these years! lol

  5. Is it wrong that I feel like throwing pink ribbons at you now? Just to see if you will survive the pink ribbons? Or would you expect no less from me? :)

    1. HA! Yes, that's you for sure. As long as I get a free bottle of crack sauce with the ribbons we're good.

  6. What a brilliant poem! You were far more creative than me this week!

  7. I love the poem! Great rhythm to it and it made me smile! Great beginnings Ness! :D

  8. Replies
    1. Yeah it's juvenile, but funny! Thanks for reading.