Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Life As A Dog

Every morning I stumble out of bed dazed and disoriented. I trudge out to the living room and peer outside. And there is she is: Queen Cookie, our beloved dog. Resplendent in the sun. She perches on her cushion on the back verandah in bliss. We adopted her from an animal shelter a couple of years ago and she's been an awesome addition to our family.

Meanwhile I blunder on, trying to coax reluctant children out of bed and off to school. I wonder: would it be easier to be a dog? 

Reasons I think it would be easier to be a dog: 

  • She gets to lie around in the sun all day.
  • Like me, Cookie is also a breast cancer survivor. Unlike me, she's blissfully unaware of this fact. She doesn't even have to go for regular mammograms!
  • She's completely unperturbed by her greying fur. 
  • While she's lying there in the sun I'm pretty sure she's not thinking: but what am I DOING with my life? 

  • She may have had puppies, we're not sure, but they're not her responsibility anymore.  Furthermore they're not going turn up for Sunday lunch, bringing their laundry and asking to borrow some cash.  
  • She doesn't have to think about housework. In fact, the dirtier the better! Like all the dogs I've known, her favourite thing is rolling around in the dirt after a bath.
  • She gets THE BEST pats, belly rubs and cuddles. 
  • Going for a walk can often seem like a bit of an effort for me, but for her it's the most exciting thing EVER. 
  • She doesn't even think about her age despite the fact that every year is supposedly seven (or something) in dog years. 
  • She takes the time to stop and smell not just the roses but every damn thing. (Okay, maybe that's a bit gross...)

On the other hand, it must get terribly boring being a dog. Which is why our Cookie Monster has tried to liven up her life by bolting out the gate and going for a wander a couple of times. Related: we think we know how she ended up in a dog shelter.

About a year or so ago she managed to wander off several blocks away, following another dog. Perhaps she had a tryst with her boyfriend. It turns out that the other dog belonged to a girl who knew Mr 15 from school. I was at home posting frantic messages on Facebook while Mickey Blue Eyes scoured the neighbourhood. Long story short: the girl eventually saw my posts and the local pound delivered a trembling Cookie back home in their van. She was suitably sheepish but seemed happy to be here again. 

Her adventure over, she was back to her favourite spot in the sun.

Yep, life as a dog is pretty darn tough. 

If you could be an animal, which one would you be? 


  1. It does sound kinda cruisey doesn't it? Someone doing everything for you. No commitments. And I wonder if they do get bored....

    1. I guess that's why they get so excited about walks and some dogs are yappers.

  2. Your dog is living happy dream life as i am thinking after reading above post
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  3. I loved it! I have a mad crazy bitch called Muffin and yes, she gets "THE BEST pats, belly rubs and cuddles." She is two and a half years old now but thinks she is a puppy forever!