Friday, 23 September 2016

If Toys Had Feelings

It's another fabulous Friday! I'm joining in again for Friday Reflections with a lovely little poem based on the prompt:

If toys had feelings. Write a post or story and get creative! 


If toys had feelings, they'd hate the toy box
Barbie would emerge, shaking her blonde locks
"I'm free!" she would shout triumphant, and then
March off, leaving behind bland old plastic Ken

Toys DO have feelings, that delightful doll house
The complex jigsaw puzzle, the cute cuddly mouse
Huggable, lovable teddy bears sit all in a row
Their expressions hide all the things they know

If toys had feelings they'd be alive
Full of adventure, daring to strive
Round marbles gleaming ethereal hues
Ballerinas perched in glittering shoes

If toys had feelings, the little Lego Man
Would bustle about his magic Lego Land
Suddenly it's clear there's more than you can see
You'll fly the wishing chair, climb the faraway tree!

Toys have feelings, I believe they do!
Just open your mind, you'll see it too!
The rusty toy truck forlorn and dejected
Mr Five has left him alone and rejected

Building blocks scattered with abandon and glee
Played with by all day by creative Miss Three
A train set whirs along the track, chug-a-chug-chug
Match box cars weave around the pattern on the rug

Toys have feelings? Why yes, of course! 
See the quirky grin on the quaint rocking horse?
The rocket ship that blasts boldly to the moon
 A music box moves us with a melancholy tune

Dainty cups on jaunty saucers, a tea party for two
Don't hurt their feelings, whatever you do! 
Sip the pretend tea and sigh in sheer delight
Cherish those toys with all of your might!

Toys DEFINITELY have feelings, I have decided
This fanciful thought must not be derided
Toys recall the feelings we didn't think would last
Joy, innocence, childhood memories long past

Toys remind us of the playful side of life
To make time for laughter, cast aside strife
Enjoy those toys like you are still young
Their magic and mystery has only just begun!

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What was  your favourite childhood toy? 

Do you make time to be playful? 


  1. I love this!
    Sometimes I think I am the only person in our home filled with kids, that believes toys have feelings. I am always doing up the baby dolls' clothing 'in case they feel cold or exposed!' :D

  2. Love it! I had a book as a kid that involved toys coming to life at night when the kids went to bed (several decades before Toy Story)!

    1. Yes, I always remember the Enid Blyton ones. Smashing!

  3. My goodness YOU have a flair for this! When is your poetry book being published. Your teachers were right!! Good stuff here, Ness!

    1. Thank you so much Denyse!It would be a very short book! But can I get a smiley stamp from the teacher? LOL

  4. Ness, meant to say a BIG thanks for displaying my link up pic on your blog. Your support means a lot!! D xx

    1. You're very welcome. It's my pleasure. I enjoy being part of it xo

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  6. What a fun poem! I loved this! :D I always wanted my toys to come to life when I was little and now that I'm much older I think I'd be somewhat terrified to have any toy come to life! :D #fridayreflections

    1. It would be a bit unsettling when you really think about it...

      Thank you!

  7. The post is just fantastic! Have a nice day:)

  8. Nice take on the prompt Ness. I liked the one you said about Barbie.

    Thanks for stopping by ...

  9. Nice take on the prompt Ness. I liked the one you said about Barbie.

    Thanks for stopping by ...

  10. Replies
    1. So glad you liked it. Thanks Sunita!

  11. Loved it..very nice :) via #fridayreflections

  12. Very cute and clever, Ness. I always believed my toys had feelings. I wish I still had all my old toys really.

  13. Love this on so many levels!!! I always thought my toys had feelings. Heck, I even thought they came alive at night. I blame Enid Blyton.

  14. Very cute! This reminds me so much of Toy Story. I can watch it 10 million times and would never get sick of it. And go, Barbie!!