Monday, 29 August 2016

When I'm Sad I...

It happens to everyone. The blues. The 'blahs'. I'm not talking about clinical depression. Just the ordinary ups and downs that everyone has from time to time.

I must confess it's been a bit of a hard old slog for the last year. Cancer and chemotherapy and radiation will do that to a person, strangely enough. I know! I'm supposed to be positive all the time! What am I like? 

When I'm busy being a sooky la la I do the following things:

General moping, pouting and sighing and 'blahing'. Yes, blahing is totally a verb. I do it all the time. Well, not all the time. Just every 28 days or so for a number of years, for some strange reason. 

There is a tendency for me to lose interest in stuff  that I like, such as blogging. It would be preferable if I lost interest in eating. This always seems to happen to characters in books and movies. They go through heartbreak or misfortune and are totally uninterested in food. Never happens to me. Which leads me to my next point...

I eat all my feelings. They taste suspiciously like cake. When they don't taste like cake, they taste like chocolate. Weird. 

As I have mentioned before, I'm not the world's greatest talker. Not even when I'm in a quite jovial mood. I know what you're thinking. But yes, it does happen. Its just that you might not notice due to my resting bitch face. 

So you can imagine my aversion to being verbal when I'm all morose and moody. Therefore if I don't answer the phone, or frantically indicate to Mickey Blue Eyes that I'm not here if he happens to answer the phone, don't take it personally. 

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All of social media and the entire world seems to be mocking me. The sensible thing to do would be to back away from the internet, but apparently I'm a masochist. 

However, I always manage to get myself out of my little rut. 

Here are some strategies I use:

  • Watching stand up comedy on Youtube. 

  • Watching my favourite feel good TV shows. I'm partial to a bit of Miranda at the moment. I know she's not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like the goofiness. SUCH FUN! 

  • Listening to music. A lot of people think that most Carpenters music is a bit sappy and miserable: "I'll say goodbye to love, no one ever cared if I should live or die..." and all that. Well, I guess they're right. But I'm weird, so it's still my happy place. Whatever works, I say. 

  • Exercise, exercise, exercise! I haven't been as diligent with this one lately. A kick up the arse is desperately needed. Oftentimes it's hard to get motivated when I'm in the doldrums. Plus, I don't feel like leaving the house, because then I might have to actually talk or smile at people *shudders*. My strategy for this is to make myself exercise to a quick Youtube video for ten or fifteen minutes. 

  • Write/scribble in journals (but offline because no one needs to read my moaning). In fact I'm kind of addicted to notebooks and journals. This is my most recent one: 

  • Patting my dog. I don't know why, but whenever I'm feeling sulky sensitive or need to unwind, some time with our resident pooch Cookie, always puts me in a better mood. This also works for my boys (except Mr 15, who isn't as much of a dog person). Apparently studies show that having a pet is good for your mental health. I'm far too lazy to go and do the actual research, but I'm pretty sure I've heard this. Look, just google it yourself, OKAY? HMPH.

  • Cuddle my boys. Well, it's mainly the 7 year old who'll cuddle and occasionally Mr 12.  I better enjoy those cuddles because I don't know how much longer they'll last. Sigh. 

  • Talk to someone. Yes, this is totally contradictory. I don't like talking. But sometimes even I have to force myself. It can be hard to find the right shrink (I always say shrink because I forget how to spell the proper word) or counselor that you feel comfortable with, but when you do it's helpful. As long as I don't have to do so (talk) all the time. 

  • Wait it out. Remind yourself that it's just one of those days and it will pass. A 'blah' day.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. And even more blah.

Because BLAH.

Double blah.

Triple blah. 

Quadruple blah.

A billion blahs.


Karen Carpenter summed it up:

What I've got they used to call the blues
Nothing is really wrong
Feeling like I don't belong

Blah, blah, blah something about rainy days (which DON'T get me down, oddly enough)

What I feel has come and gone before 
No need to talk it out
We know what it's all about...

Yep, It does come and go. Just like all moods.

Me being awesome! 

  • And when it does pass I put on some smart clothes and a bit of lippy and decide to be awesome. Because I am. So ner! 

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Right, that's it from me. I'm off to be awesome and listen Carpenters music. Nope. I don't have the blahs. That's just what I do in any mood. You know, just for something different! Later!

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  1. I love that you accept it is ok to embrace your blah for a bit. I totally agree. Sometimes we have to let the blah and sad wash over us so that we can recognise when we don't feel this way. Good and bad happy and sad and all that.

    Sending you lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely lady xx

    1. Yes, let the blah wash over us... Too true. It always passes. Thanks Rhianna xo

  2. Just when I think you couldn't get any more awesome - you say you like Miranda! I LOVE Miranda!! x x

  3. I think it's important to ride the wave a bit (accept the blah). I also wish I was one of those people who got too sad to eat...I don't. I like your red lippy those blues away!

    1. Yep, emotional eater here. Big time. It's amazing how a simple thing like a bit of lippy can lift your mood xo

  4. I so understand this Ness! Thank you for articulating what I probably have not done properly for myself. I have been sad (not clinically depressed as it turns out) for parts of the last 3 years for a range of reasons. I acknowledge this more now and let myself indulge for a while, then I can come good again. Love to you! Denyse

    1. Yes, sometimes I'll let myself wallow a bit, but give it a time limit. I can sook for ten minutes but then I have to get up and do something else. Sorry you've been so sad for so long. Hope things have improved. Love to you, too. xo

  5. I withdraw and go quiet (unusual for me)! I find a nana nap or good night's sleep usually helps. And chocolate. Luckily I don't get sad too often or I'd be as big as a house!

    1. Nanna naps are so underrated! And yes, chocolate (and cake) fixes everything xo

  6. Cuddles with my kids and time with my puppies help me when I'm in a funk as well. As usual I love your style x

    1. Gotta get those cuddles! Thanks Kirsty xo

  7. Exercise, dogs and lipstick are excellent pieces of advice darling girl!

    1. I think so! In fact, I better go do some exercise. Thanks Pinky xo

  8. Walking helps me. I am not a talker either, it seems the trait for Aspies. My son(an aspie)is not a talker either. I have to wonder where he gets it from.... Spring is around the corner, so hoping this brings some brighter days.
    I haven't watched Miranda before, looks awesome :)