Monday, 8 August 2016

Best Birthday Ever

It's time to tell you about my best birthday EVER.

The thing is, they're all pretty good because they all involve CAKE.

You knew I was going to say that, didn't you?

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My birthdays as a child were usually fairly low key affairs, as far as I can remember. First of all, my birthday is January 15th, so it was always right in the middle of school holidays. This meant a lot kids would have been away on holidays. Fortunately, I wasn't fussed about parties, anyway. I always disliked being the centre of attention. I just wanted to be the person in the corner silently stuffing my face with cakies and chocolate crackles.

I remember my 21st, my 30th and my 40th.

Me and my Mum at my 21st. 

For my 21st I had one of those classy backyard parties.  However, I froze in front of all my family and friends. Okay, friend. I think I had at least one. All eyes were upon me. Nobody had told me about this part of the proceedings. Apparently I was supposed to make a speech. I felt really embarrassed and stupid for the rest of the evening. But then there was cake, so it was all good. Cake fixes everything. Sort of. Until it doesn't... Details. 

Fast forward nine years. At my 30th birthday, I was totally oblivious to the fact that I was up the duff. In the pudding club. Bun in the oven. Knocked up. 

30 and fabulous! And knocked up. 

There I am. Up the duff and unaware. Tragically I appear to be in much better shape even in my expectant state, than I am now. Weird.  Now I'm pregnant with a cake baby. Shut up.

At my 40th birthday the star of the proceedings was indeed the CAKE. LOOK at it. This decadent and delicious creation was made by my Mum who is a freaking culinary GENIUS. 

My mum always says that the only birthday you should worry about is the one you don't have. Well, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be worrying about it because you'd be slightly dead.

I must confess this year my birthday was just a teensy bit shitty. I began chemotherapy just two days before. Somehow I niavely thought I would just go about my life as usual. I made plans to head out for lunch with my family. Yeah, right. I ended up in bed feeling rather horrid. So next January I have to make up for that. I mean, I still had cake. I wasn't DEAD. That's the only thing that will stop me. Ahem. 

I tell you what though, I will be so freaking happy to make it to 50 and beyond that I will definitely want to have a celebration.

That's why I'd like to believe that my best birthday EVER is still ahead of me. ALL of them. Bring them on. 

In the meantime, it's somebody's birthday somewhere, so bring on the cake! 

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What wasyour best birthday EVER?



  1. "My mum always says that the only birthday you should worry about is the one you don't have. Well, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be worrying about it because you'd be slightly dead." This is the quote of the post for me! I hope your next 50 birthdays are awesome, with lots of cake and lots of love!

  2. Your positivity is so inspiring! My mum, who is now 70, is always proud to say what her age is because she says it's a blessing for every year she gets older. I know a lot of women who don't like to share their age, but it really isn't a big deal. I wish you many more healthy, happy and memorable birthdays xx

  3. I so feel your pain - my birthday is 7th January! Almost a bit worried about having my 50th next year, so much weight of expectation that it's going to be hard to live up to ... planning an overseas trip but that will be later in the year, rather than on my actual birthday.

  4. You have a great outlook on life, Ness! Keep it up. I had my son on 15 January (a few years after you, but not many) and it was the HOTTEST, windiest day/evening in Sydney. Then, for most of his birthdays it would be HOT...and on one of those birthdays my daughter (his older sister) went to the San to be induced for her son..on 46degree Sydney day..15 January!

  5. I love your mum's saying. It's good advice. I also think I'd be like you and assume I could do everything as normal in spite of having seen so many people struggle with the hideous process. I think that's probably a good thing about our brains rather than a sign that we're stupid. Though I guess it could be interpreted as both.

  6. Oh same same same! I got my diagnonsense around my birthday too - um, happy birthday! I think we should definitely make it our mission to not be dead for our next birthday, nor any beyond. Any of them x x

  7. So really Marie Antoinette was just a super big fan of birhtdays?? ;)

  8. Aaah cake. I could do with a slice (or two) right about now! It's my aunty's birthday today and my sister's birthday on Thursday so it's another eventful week for me!

  9. I was about to whinge about the fact my birthday - like yours - is poorly timed (between Xmas and New Year), so as a kid everyone was away. I didn't have 18ths or 21sts for that reason. I've only had the 40th and a lot of people were away then too.

    But, then you talked about your chemotherapy and I was reminded that I've mostly been in good health so I really cannot complain.

  10. It was lovely revisiting your birthday today Ness! Thanks for linking up #lifethisweek Denyse x

  11. Cake is awesome and your next birthday is going to be awesome!

  12. I have to admit that I had to read that sentence twice to realise that the place was not called "The Pudding Club". Yes, I'm that dense. Here's to next year's amazing birthday! #lifethisweek

  13. Is it a surprise that after reading this I now want cake? LOL. Who am I kidding, I always want cake!