Monday, 18 July 2016

My Worst Habit

I have lots of odd, annoying endearing habits.

Such as:

I leave my teabags in.
I snore.
I shave my legs rather infrequently.
I'm very quiet. I rarely talk, preferring to sit there with my resting bitch face on at social gatherings.
I over think.
I like to eat while web surfing or watching TV.
I read lots of self-help/improvement books, then completely ignore them anyway. The way I see it, you can't improve on awesome, can you? Ahem.
I write lists and forget them.
I scratch my ears a lot.
I stim and rock (it's an ASD thing).
I still compare myself with others, although I'm getting better with this one.
I procrastinate.
I collect notebooks and books, creating a lot of clutter.
I'm messy and disorganised.
I'm a day dreamer and space cadet.
I'm forgetful.
I'm addicted to Facebook and the internet. This became rather obvious when we were away on holidays recently with dodgy wifi.
According to Mickey Blue Eyes, I'm too negative. Just the fact that I've written this list of all my shortcomings would be seen as negative to him. I'm not really trying to be negative, I'm just being honest.

But even after writing this comprehensive list, my overall worst habit would have to be my eating habits in general. I just eat too damn much. Especially my beloved cakie things. And chocolate. Let's not forget about chocolate. Sigh.

I must confess sometimes it does feel like I have an eating disorder, except it's the opposite of anorexia. It's like compulsive eating or something. I'm obsessed with food. Some people eat to live, I live to eat.

I probably wouldn't worry about it too much, but the fact that I've had breast cancer and also have high cholesterol means it's quite important for me to have healthy eating habits and keep my weight within a certain range. Even a cancer diagnosis hasn't put me on a clean-eating quest. That's a sign that I have a problem. So it's back to Weight Witches with me this week. I have totally fallen off my broomstick while away on holidays. Sigh. I might need to consider a shrink or hypnosis or something as well. Something has to change.

But I'm always going to leave my teabags in. Don't judge me.

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What's your worst habit?



  1. You know what, I could put a tick next to many of what you listed as bad habits of my own! Quite a lot more I could add though! haha

    1. It's terrible how easy it is to write a list of bad things about yourself, but when you try to do the opposite... Or is that just me?!

  2. I itch my ears a lot too. It's like when you have an itch on the bottom of your foot, it feels almost impossible to get rid of the itch.

  3. Oh yeees I have the food issue too! I totally live to eat - it's my favouritest hobby hands down. Sigh x x


    tomorrow. As long as there's nothing good on telly.

  5. I hear you on quite a few of these. I am a comfort eater. Why not I say?

  6. Replies
    1. It's just soooo comforting, right? Until it's not...

  7. I leave my tea bags in too - we should totally have tea together sometime!

  8. Miss 19 and I both like to leave the tea bag in. It's not strong enough otherwise! And I love my food, especially chocolate :-)

  9. I must confess, I've turned into a tea snob. I can't remember the last time I actually had a tea bag. If I find time to have a cup of tea, I kind of like to make an occasion of it. Tea leaves in a tea pot. Every time.

    1. I love leaf tea in a pot. I have it once in while. It's awesome. Very Downtown Abbey.

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  11. can relate to quite a few of your bad habits. However, I'm the opposite when it comes to tea. I only drink herbal tea (only one brand and one flavour), and I literally pour the boiling water into the cup then take out the tea bag straight away (herbal tea bags are meant to be left for a few minutes for the flavour to infuse) but I just have to remove the tea bag pronto otherwise I can't drink it. Weird, I know :)