Monday, 13 July 2015

My most treasured item

There are certain items that I treasure. Most of them are jewellery. Of course I am particularly fond of my wedding and engagement rings. I chose an engagement ring with an extremely high set solitaire diamond. I expected that I would probably go around catching and bumping it on everything. Surprisingly, this isn't an issue.

Possibly because I rarely wear them these days.  It's so much easier to pick-up without them. Just kidding. As if I would ever have any trouble picking up if I wanted too! I just don't bother because it wouldn't be fair to all the single ladies. Oh yeah, and because of the whole happily married and PASSIONATELY in love with Mickey Blue Eyes thing. Yeah, that. 

Jokes aside, the real reason I don't wear them much is because I wake up in the middle of the night with pins and needles in my hand and fingers. Consequently, I take the rings off and then forget to put them back on. Oops. 

Anyway, thinking about this topic makes me realise that I don't really value 'stuff'. I have my phone and I share a lap-top. But there aren't a lot of items that spring to mind. Only one.

My Carpenters key ring. 

I purchased this beloved acquisition from the official Carpenters fan club when it was still in existence. The only thing is, I have come under scorn, creating some controversy among two other fans, due to the fact that I actually use it as a key-ring.

Apparently you are supposed to have it framed in gold and worship it from a distance. 

Along with the key-ring, I also bought a Carpenters address book. I actually wrote in it. Oops. 

When I originally purchased these items I did not know that there would come a time when I would be able to sell them on Evilbay. Plus, I've never had any intention of selling them, anyway. But I certainly could have looked after them better. 

My mugger would have been impressed
with this wallet photo. 

I also had a little wallet photograph and a fan club membership card. They were proudly kept in my purse. One day I was mugged as a teenager and had my purse snatched. I was DEVASTATED. I'm pretty sure the mugger was, too. He only got about ten bucks and my lousy (to him) Carpenters memorabilia. That THAT, nasty mugger! 

Additionally, (just to confirm my weirdness) I own a tiny segment of red shag pile 1970's carpet. What's so special about this? Well, it originates from the music room of the former home of the Carpenters in Downey, California. I have a piece of carpet that Karen and Richard Carpenter actually walked on and played their drums (Karen) and keyboards (Richard) on! 

I keep in it my beside table drawer and take it out and stroke it lovingly from time to time. Um, not really. I do keep it in my drawer, but I don't stroke it. That would just be weird. And we've already established that my obsession isn't weird or creepy AT ALL. Ahem. 

The infamous red carpet can be seen in this room . I'm sure if I had one of the
gold albums on the wall it would be worth more!

Truthfully, I don't know what to do with it, but I can't seem to bring myself to throw it out because of the Carpenters connection. Oh well. I'm sure people have kept stranger things. Shut up. 

It would appear that I'm not really a material girl despite living in a material World.  Other than my Carpenters stuff, I have many books, but nothing extremely valuable. I don't really shop until I drop. Unless, it's at Vinnies. After all, what is wrong with being a cheapskate economical? 

Naturally I do have several trinkets and hand made cards from the boys. These were usually made at school or purchased from the Mother's Day stall for a few bucks. But I still have to keep them. They're priceless. Even the rather eye-catching lime green and gold clown figurine Mr 14 gave me when he was only five or so. 

Additionally, at some point we may require a second house to display our collection of soccer trophies. Never having played any sports growing up. this is something I've had to resign myself to. 

So there you have it.  Those are my most treasured items. That is all for today. I must go and stroke my shag carpet. Err... or something...

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What is your most treasured item?


  1. Lol I love that you still have your carpenters stuff... I still have all my record singles.. Can't actually play them but can't throw then out

  2. LOL how on earth did you get a piece of that shag pile carpet? I did love the Carpenters songs but I think they were a bit before my time, me being so YOUNG and all! *ahem* I was more an Elvis nut. Sobbed my heart out when he died. He was going to fall in love with me and marry me. Perhaps in the next life!!

  3. Hilarious. I'm keen to know how you managed to get your hands on the shag pile carpet as well??

  4. I love that you a. have a Carpenters keyring and b. actually use it. Why not use it and enjoy it!

  5. I think it's awesome that you have those things and that you're actually using them. One of the things that annoy me is when people have lovely 'things' but keep them locked away. Why? Life is short. Enjoy them!

  6. OMG you have actual Carpenters' carpet!!! I think I've probably also mentioned that I am a little bit (lot) in love with Karen Carpenter, so that is like the coolest merchandise ever. You could have actual DNA in there!!!! We need to get some Jurassic Park shit happening here.

  7. Red shag pile carpet? You need to frame that shiz and put it in the pool room! I love your obsession with the Carpenters, and what's more I love that you OWN it xx

  8. I used to love the Carpenters. I could play Close to You on the guitar. I have three rings I only take off when I'm doing serious housework which is rare. Apart from them I have nothing of monetary value but lots of things which have sentimental value... like the hospital ankle bands of all my kids when they were born! Somehow I've been missing your posts Ness. I am already subscribed but I haven't been getting email notifications. I just added you to my list of bloggers I made as a ready reckoner :)

  9. I too have a piece of the carpet. Albeit a VERY small piece!!