Monday, 29 June 2015

The Truth About Lies

Today I am talking about lying and deception. Truthfully, I am a terrible liar.  I simply cannot do it. Okay, maybe that was a lie...

I'm sure I've told a few polite little white lies that we all do from time to time.

You know the kind.  You say: Yes, your baby is gorgeous! Meanwhile you're thinking: Doesn't look like a monkey AT ALL. This is completely awful but necessary at times.

As far as telling a despicable or heinous lie, I seriously can't remember ever doing so. If I did try this, I would never be convincing.

There is a theory that people with Asperger's  don't lie or can't lie. I'm not sure if this is true or not. Maybe I'm just a nauseating Pollyanna type. Or perhaps I simply don't have any imagination or acting ability.

Apparently the Aspergian inability to lie is related to impairment in something called Theory of Mind. Also, it is common trait to be blunt and direct, valuing justice and truth. Admittedly, I do not possess this bluntness myself, but I still find it  impossible to lie. 

Naturally, there are certain things I tell myself that don't ring true: just one slice of cake won't hurt and so on. I write complex and detailed To-Do Lists now and again which turn out to be total fiction. Whoops.

I'm not exactly sure how people can live a life of deception. Particularly by having torrid extra-marital affairs. I know I sound very preachy and judgemental, but I just couldn't achieve the complex level of pretence. It's probably my tendency to forgetfulness, but I'd end up being caught in my own web of lies. I just cannot lie. It's a shame really. Because obviously I have offers ALL THE TIME. I've had to leave a string of dejected would-be lovers all sobbing and bereft.

Okay, that IS a lie. There has never been even the remotest chance of me having an affair because nobody has ever even attempted to get their leg over. Not once. HMPH!

Well, there was one creepy old dude with pants up to his armpits who got a bit too close in a crowded lift once. Plus, a crusty old octogenarian who chatted me up briefly at the Community centre where I attended my (off-campus) Tafe course. It's nice to know I've still got it if Mickey Blue Eyes ever decides to trade me in or drop off the perch! FTW!

I suppose I can slightly stretch the truth at times. Especially here on this blog and also by telling Mickey Blue Eyes that an article of clothing is an old favourite I've just dusted off out of the wardrobe instead of brand new. But I might forget to pull the tags off. Sprung. 

I'm sure I've lied by omission. Plus there are the inevitable excuses and fairy tales you end up telling your children. The shops are shut. Those rides at the shops are 'out of order'. And yes, of COURSE Santa is real! 

Maybe I'm not such an angel after all. Oops. 

Perhaps I need some further practice at fibbing. After all, as an introvert there are so many times I need to avoid socialising or small talk. Here are ten excuses to get out of these awkward events:

  1. I'm late for an appointment! 
  2. I have a terrible throat infection.
  3. The kids are sick. (It turns out that having children is quite convenient!)
  4. My car is broken down.
  5. I already have a prior engagement.
  6. My grandmother passed away and I'll be attending a funeral. (One grandmother passed away long before I was born and the other many years ago and I never attended the funeral [it's complicated], but details!) 
  7. The kids have sporting commitments.
  8. Busy, busy, busy with ongoing renovations and painting of our house. Simply can't have people over. (The fact that our house is in a permanent state of CHAOS [as in Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome] is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT).
  9. I'll be out of the country! (Sadly I'm never out of the country, so I have to have this fantasy somehow)
  10. Finally, if all else fails you can always use the good old 'something suddenly came up' excuse from The Brady Bunch. Yes, I've watched all the groovy and high-brow shows.
Of course I'd never be able to pull off any of the above excuses in person. But these days a quick and dodgy old text message makes it so much easier to just glibly lie! Yay for modern technology!

So I think we've all learned something today. We're pretty much all big fat liars and we're lying if we say we never lie. With that, I'll end it here. I'm off to do the house work. Which is a whopper. But you already knew that.

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Can you lie? What's the biggest lie you've ever told? 



  1. Haha yea I'm doing the housework right now too.....
    I think with kids there's bound to be times you have to lie.. hello Santa, tooth fairy etc, but its usually for their own good. I think lying by omission and white lies are ok because sometimes the truth would hurt more. Extra marital affair lying is definitely not good though {take note ex husband}.

    1. Yeah, call me Pollyanna but I definitely don't agree with extra-marital lying. Santa, on the other hand...

  2. My mum taught me white lies were okay... I've since learned all lies are not okay, not acceptable and telling them interferes with your health and wellbeing (throat chakra). Telling the truth takes courage, yet it makes us feel a whole heap better when we do. I'm not pretending to be a saint either... I've just learned the difference. It's true what you say, that everyone at some point has lied, otherwise how would we be able to see it in others if we didn't know it ourselves♥

    1. I don't really like lying and I'm not good at it. You've given me something to think to about. You're right, telling the truth takes courage but is worth it.

  3. Nothing wrong with stretching the truth as my mum use to say... lol

  4. To be a good liar you must have an incredible memory and mine is shit so I tend to stick to the truth, in a variety of sorts! I never use sick people as an excuse anymore because whenever I did in the past karma would bite me on the arse! xxx

    1. Yes, exactly! How do serial liars remember it all?

  5. I am extremely crap at lying too. It's just not in my make up. I do find phones make it so much easier, because there is no confrontation or having to lie to someones face ;)

    1. Agreed. I've only used a text message to get out of certain appointments but not necessarily with friends. Thanks for reading.

  6. I find it easier if there's an element of truth in the lie. Otherwise I'm terrible. #mummymondays

    1. Yeah, me too. Thanks for reading.

  7. White lies grease the wheels of society!!

  8. I've become more blunt and direct over the years. The blogger in me is getting better at stretching the truth to make life appear a tad more interesting but for the most part I'm all about keeping it real and a little too honest.

  9. Yes, I exaggerate wildly here, but can't really tell outrageous lies.