Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ten Fascinating Things About Me

 Here goes. Ten utterly fascinating things about me. Using 'fascinating' in the sense of 'mind-numbing'....
  1. I've never had a sister (I have one older brother) though I do have two excellent sister-in-laws, Mick's sister Janette and my brother's wife, Nicole. Likewise, I will never have a daughter. One day I may have a daughter-in-law or three. I'm hoping they'll be excellent too. 
  2. My middle name is Faye with an 'e'. Clearly, or I would have spelt it Fay. 
  3. I lived with my parents until I was 23 when I moved in with Micky Blue Eyes so it's distinctly possible that I've lived a sheltered life. In Boganville. I find this ironic.
  4. I went to Holland with my parents when I was 10 years old in 1981. This seems destined to be my first and last overseas trip. Sigh. 
  5. I'm starting to wonder if I'm in peri-menopause as my moods are somewhat erratic: I'm joyous then weeping then feeling like I could punch the next person who glances sideways at me then having a panic attack then joyous again and around it goes..... Totally normal, right?
  6. I was 26 weeks pregnant with Mr 12 in 2001 before I noticed this minor detail. Oops.
  7. I lost a little man when I had a still birth 19 weeks into the pregnancy in 2007. 
  8. I was diagnosed with Asperger's in 2011 at age 40. 
  9. I have 150 plus Facebook 'friends' but my closest real life friend is my friend Kim, who was born five days before me and is the smartest person in the whole World - because she's my friend obviously - and because she doesn't use Facebook or any social media at all. 
  10. I am shamefully hopeless when it comes to taking and organising photos. I have boxes of them stashed in cupboards instead of sorted into albums. I tried to find some photos of Kimmy and my sister-in-laws to post here and I could only find ones that are really old. So guess what? No photos. You are saved the embarrassment. You can thank me later. 
Two Ten things I love....

  1. Karen Carpenter
  2. Cakies
  3. Karen Carpenter
  4. Cakies
  5. Karen Carpenter
  6. Cakies
  7. Karen Carpenter
  8. Cakies
  9. Karen Carpenter
  10. Oh yeah, I have kids. They're alright, too. 
Ten things I would like to ban from the World forever...

  1. Lego 
  2. Lego
  3. Lego
  4. Lego
  5. Lego
  6. Lego
  7. Lego
  8. Lego
  9. Lego - and, finally..
  10. Lego
Okay, that's only one thing as such but it's one thing that means A MILLION pieces so it counts as ten! Shut up. 

Ten Reasons To End This Pointless Post...

  1. I have house work to do.
  2. I have nothing remotely interesting to say about myself. 
  3. I have exercise to do. 
  4. I've wasted the whole morning coming up with absolutely nothing of any note to say about myself.
  5. There are such entertaining day time television programmes on that I'm missing. 
  6. It's lunch time and I might turn into one of those strange people who forget to eat.
  7. I have important places to be and important people to see. 
  8. There must be a million other things I could be doing.
  9. I think I may be procrastinating just a teensy, tiny bit. 
  10. All of the above.
Ten Counter Points To The Above List...

  1. House work sucks.
  2. That's never stopped you before.
  3. You can do it later - why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?
  4. At least you didn't waste it doing house work.
  5. Since when have infomercials about funeral insurance been entertaining? (Although, you have to admit a bit of Dr Phil is sometimes entertaining).
  6. Rahahahahaha!
  7. Well, I can imagine I do. Shut up.
  8. Meh, it's only a million. Do them later. See counter point number 3. 
  9. You think?
  10. Details. Hmph! 
Okay, I think I'm done now. I'm off to find ten more ways to procrastinate. I'll spare you the list this time. You're welcome.

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                                               What are ten ways to procrastinate?


  1. I am sorry to read you too had a still birth 19 weeks into your pregnancy . I cannot ban lego my boys love it and it does keep them quiet sometimes.
    I used to adore Karen Carpenter too.

    1. You used to adore her? But - how did you stop??!!
      Thanks Trish. xo

  2. Loved this! Lego is designed by a childless man and if there is any in my house it has met an unfortunate end up the vacuum (when I vacuum, which is as little as possible!)

    1. Oh yes I hate that rattling sound when you accidentally vacuum a piece.*shudders*

  3. Some really funny stuff in here, loved numbers 2 and 6 on the first list, and your counterpoint list. I ditched FB in 2012 and Twitter Oct 2013 so do I get to pretend I'm really smart too? :) And I was so sorry to read of the loss of your baby.

    1. You are most definitely very wise indeed. I rarely log into Twatter these days but I'm still sucked into Fakebook. Save me, Ace. Thanks for the kind words. xo

  4. You're such a funny gal. I was sad to read you lost a boy at 19 weeks :( Lego - so far I don't mind it, but I'm sure I will once the boys stick it up their noses and willys!
    I enjoyed reading a bit more about you!

    1. Yes, Mr 9 once stuck a tiny piece up his nose when he was 4 or 5 requiring a trip to the ED to retrieve it. Not fun. But they still love their Lego and I'm not mean enough to ban it really.

      Thanks, Em.xo

  5. Ness, I don't have a sister either but luckily I have 2 lovely sister-in-laws and I'm with you, housework seriously sucks. I'm trying to work on a plan to finally get a housecleaner but there is the little matter of paying off our NZ trip first....
    Sad to hear about your little man x

    1. Thanks Kirsty and the housecleaner thing definitely sounds like a great plan when you can get to it. xo

  6. I have to pick you up on your first point 5 - that is completely normal, isn't it? It's the irritating rest of the world for not remaining constant. Or am I needing to see a dr about something??
    Secondly, I would never let you ban Lego from the world. I love Lego, and if it wasn't so expensive I'd live in a Lego house, with Lego furniture (except the tv, because Lego TV is just a sticker). I am the one in this house who is busting to see the Lego movie. I have no idea what you're on about.....or you could just ban it from your town and send it all my way...

    1. You could have a point. Keep up rest of the world! You know, I CAN see the appeal of Lego, just not when I'm constantly stepping on it and spending hours picking it up in order to vacuum. I would gladly send it all your way then. Sigh.

  7. Sorry about your loss - that's very sad to hear.

  8. Aaaaaah, you said it again, LEGO! I know how to get past that little, big LEGO issue. I've introduced my fanatic Lego loving son to other things, like WW II history, model building, and Westerns. It has shifted his attention away from Legos, hurray! When ever my son asks for Legos as a gift, I tell him that I'm going to buy some Pink Floyd vinyl records for him as a gift, and if he doesn't like them (which he doesn't) he can give them to me :-).

    Sorry about the loss of your baby. We lost two befoe they were born. We know how it feels.


    1. Shifting their attention away from Lego is a great idea. Not sure what 'thing' will do that.....

      I am so sorry about your two losses. :( xoxoxo

    2. At least for my son it's action. I bought him a collection of Magnificent Seven (Westerns) movies. Now he sets up diaramas with his cowboy and indian figures. He even set-up six stuffed animals to make up the Magnificent Seven and he is Chris, the leader.

      Action is the thing Ness. WW II movies and related (models, games, etc.). My son likes to set-up WW II related diaramas.

      He also likes anything to do with pirates (movies, games, models, etc.).

      Much thanks for the condolences for the loss of our two unborn children. We miss them, but I believe they're in a better place. Hopefully KC is singing to them.


  9. Sorry to hear about the loss of your baby.

    I don't have any sisters either. In fact out of the 40 something cousins I have (my dad is 1 of 10) there is only about 10 girls. On my mums side of the family there is 14 years between me and the next girl cousin.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

    1. Sounds like you're surrounded by males too, then. Thanks Tegan. xo