Friday, 26 April 2013

War! What Is It Good For?

Hello there. Anzac Day is upon us. While I've never actually attended a dawn service, I do have some very deep thoughts regarding war, and have had ever since I was a little girl. In fact, I wrote a poem about it, when I was a mere ten years old. It is truly heartfelt. That, or just a woeful example of exactly how much Enid Blyton I was reading at the time.  I'm sure if it had been about a cheery subject I would have managed to put in the phrases 'smashing' and 'jolly good' somewhere. Here it is, complete with my spelling mistakes:


War is a disastrous sight,
War is a beastly fight,
You can hear the blasting,
Oh war is so everlasting,
War is gloom, its such a doom,
I hope it stops very soon.

War is death, it takes away your breath.
War is blood running in a stream,
War is being strictly mean,
If you think war is not a fight,
It's a awful,disatrous, terrible sight,
War is blood pouring, guns roaring.
War is hand grenades flying,
People crying, also dying,
You work all day, in a blood-thirsty way,
War is madness, but if you think
deep down, it's only sadness

Now the war is gone, I hope it's gone
for good because I don't want it back so soon after
all this awful gloom. People
die, cry, fight. Oh I don't want
that destructive sight!
Guns roar, blood pours,
You can't think how people cry,
because their beloved friends did die
Oh I hope the war doesn't
come again
For I really must think of the
lives of those men.

My year 5 poem, dated 28th April, 1981. At the bottom
the teacher wrote: 'Some deep thoughts, try not to
repeat yourself.'  Hmph. Didn't she recognise
my brilliance?

Yep, such brilliance. I'm not sure why I didn't become the next Sylvia Plath after that effort. It's hard to pick out which is my favourite line, with such stunning observations as: War is death, it takes away your breath. Yeah, that is kind of what happens when you die, dear.

War! What is it good for? Absolutely NUTHIN'!! According to Bruce Springsteen and myself, at the mature age of ten.  Genius. I mean, just check out that rhyming: War is gloom, it's such a doom, I hope it stops very soon. Why did I stop when I was on such a roll? I could have went on:

Those guns keep going
I'd rather hear a happy tune,
Before I am a total loon!

OH MY GOD! *gasp* I've still got it! I'm a poet and I didn't know it!! I need to get back to it immediately. Otherwise I am completely wasting my genius. And what does a ten year old, budding,  tragic bogan, genius poet look like? I'm glad you asked. Observe.

My Year 5 school photo, when I was still cute. Sigh.

Thank God my Mum had the foresight to keep my old school books. She must have know I was going to be broke and aimless rich and famous one day. She always said I was special. Now I see why. There is nothing more to add after the blinding brilliance of that poem. I've already left you stunned.

Linking up an oldie but goodie for Life This Week.

What do you think about war? Have you written any awful brilliant poetry?


  1. Ha, yes I penned a few shockers myself. Won't even tell you about the "songs" I wrote. Shudder. Actually, I'm pretty sure you got it wrong in the title but right for the rest of the poem. And your heart was in the right place, which is the main thing :)

    1. You're right about the spelling, I was thinking it was wrong because the teacher had marked it as wrong. That teacher was even more stupid than I realised. Not only did she not recognise my brilliance, she couldn't spell.

      And I'm sure your songs and poetry are not as bad as you think. x

    2. Haha! They really are. I won't even go there, just too cringe worthy to contemplate :D

  2. Lol brilliant! I can just see your 10 year old self sitting there, slaving over those words to get them just right ;) As for that teacher's comment...pfftt...what would she know?! Poetry can be repetitive! I wish I had more of my primary school books - although I shudder to think what deep, dark prose I'd find in there...

    1. They are funny to look back on. There are several stories I wrote in that same book. Hilarious.

  3. Nothing that good! Try not to repeat YOURSELF, Teacher!! At least you didn't go off on some 1D tangent...

    1. Yeah, silly teacher, and she couldn't spell either, so who cares what she thought. Thanks for reading. x

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  5. I really like your poem! I think your teacher was being a bit overly critical :) I fancy myself a bit of a poet at times, but most of my poems sound like they belong in greeting cards... Like the one I wrote to my upstairs neighbors a couple years ago:

    To the couple a floor above:
    I'm sure each other you must love,
    But it's been several nights and I'm forced to speak,
    Please find a bed that doesn't squeak!

    Oh yes, I'm totally brilliant...

  6. Well, I was only ten, so yeah, I could probably be forgiven for the poem's awfulness.

    Hee hee your poem to your neighbours is funny. Would have liked to have seen their reaction lol

  7. Pffft did your teacher not realise that repetition is a valuable tool to emphasise the parts that are important?! Seriously!

    1. EXACTLY! It was for emphasis, not because I couldn't think of anything else. Ahem.

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  9. Those are some deep thoughts for a 10yo ! I don't think I could have written anything like that then (or now for that matter). My poetry skills are sadly atrocious - so glad I don't have any of my old school books to pull out - I may bust a side laughing if had any !!
    Have the best day !

    1. Yes I was a very deep and dark 10 year old and have clearly continued on in that vein ever since. NOT.

      Yes, there was more comedy gold in that old school exercise book. Hilarious.

  10. NESS ARE YOU ME????
    I won some weird competition with a pome I wrote at about the same age, it was about Gallipoli. I don't have it any more but can actually remember some by heart!

    They fought a futile war
    Many soldiers died
    We cannot count the score
    Their families often cried.

    We both have undiscovered genius!!!!!!!

    1. Oh my GOD! *GASP* We so DO! And it is a travesty and an injustice that people are not recognising it! Dammit!

  11. That was a wonderful and heartfelt poem Ness! Wow, writing so well back then too. What did that teacher know? Not much as far as I am concerned. Thank you for linking up today for #lifethisweek 17/52. Next week: Taking Stock.

  12. I'm quite impressed with that effort for a Year 5 student. And how neat was your handwriting? Your teacher clearly couldn't appreciate genius!

    1. Same here! Very insightful for year 5.

      SSG xxx

  13. You need to release a book of poetry NOW! You already have the cover image.

  14. You've still got it! All joking aside, to be able to express yourself like that in year 5! Man, it puts my masterpiece about drought to shame.